Whole-House Water Filter System 5-Tank for Sensitive Skin

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Ideal Earth Water Whole House Filtration System Combines The Whole House Tanks and The Under Sink Tanks to Give You Pure, Wholesome Water!

Removes chlorine, chloramines, heavy metals and chlorine by-products with special emphasis on fluoride and arsenic. This is the only filter on the market that is able to remove these toxic chemicals down to NON-DETECTABLE levels without removing the naturally occurring alkaline minerals. Read More about the list of all the toxins this system filters!

The whole house filtration system lasts up to 5-6 years with an automatic backflushing system and very low maintenance.

No expensive replacement filters -  you will save time and money!
"Call me and I will customize a Whole House water filter for you." - Winston Kao
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Enjoy bathing/drinking water that is like a mountain spring!

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