EarthCore Water Conditioner Three-Quarter Inch

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Part Number:IEW-EC-3-4QTR


The EarthCore™ Electro-Mechanical Water Conditioner is not a salt-adding softener nor is it a filter. It is a device that improves the physical condition of water. EarthCore softens and conditions the water without the use of salt and other chemicals (no sodium chloride or potassium chloride). Excess salt absorption may contribute to high blood pressure and cardiovascular issues. The conditioning process does not alter the chemical composition of water but by mechanical separation reduces the negative effects of minerals commonly found in water. This is a lifetime water treatment system for Residential, Industrial and Agricultural use. The EarthCore™ Water Conditioner is a one-piece, self contained Electromechanical Catalytic Water Conditioner. Its venturi (swirling) effect core scrubs flowing water as rocks scrub water in a mountain stream, and earth grounding provides electrons for the core. This self-sufficient water conditioner will save you money, with no need for electricity, chemicals, or salt; nor does it have any moving parts to wear out. It will also save you replacement costs by protecting valuable equipment from scale and corrosion. Price includes free shipping within the continental U.S.

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